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Director of Internet Technologies

Carl Karcher Enterprizes

Sr. Developer


Innovation Director


Production Consultant

Fullscreen Media

Creative Consultant

Get Juice

Director of Content Development



Otter Media

Innovation Director


Creative Technology Officer


Creative Consultant


Marketing Consultant

Sebastoam Fierri

Design Lead

Stargate Studios

AR Consultant



All Things Comedy

Creative Consultant



Ground Zero Animation Expo

Creative Consultant


Creative Developer

Dailey Advertising

2020 IAOIP member
2020 CinePaint member

2017 Shadow Estate Experienctial Marketing
2014 Pie & Coffee Entertainment
2016, 2017 DIRECTV Entertainment Product “Groundbreaker”
2016 DIRECTV Innovation
2010, 2011 Dailey Advertising “Hero”
Emmy Nominations
2006 Outstanding Achievement Enhanced or Interactive e Programming New Delivery Platforms
2006 Outstanding Achievement
2006 Outstanding Broadband Drama
Patents & Certifications
2017 Shared Vehicle Control Patent
2015 Geo-Located Content Delivery Patent
2019 PSM I Certification
2019 Google Analytics Certification
Tim Reha

I like how everything is getting remixed :) with AI. Matt Rasamoto is one to follow who has his finger on the pluse...

- Tim Reha : Tech Influencer
Art Douglas

Not only is he a source of motivation, but of inspiration -- exhibiting a wealth of creative and technical knowledge that is beyond most people.

- Art Douglas : Director/Producer
Ané Vecchione

He is able to breakdown complex information and abstract ideas to bring a client’s vision to fruition.

- Ané Vecchione : Director of Photography
Holli Alvarado

Matt is by far one of the most diplomatic and accessible creative managers I have worked with.

- Holli Alvarado : Creative Content Specialist
Mindy Worel

He understands the whole process from ideation and development to branding, market launch and the technology needed to make it all run.

- Mindy Worel : Head of Talent
Catherine Booker

A talented artist... An exceptional developer... If you've been looking for a Renaissance man, Matt's definitely a contender.

- Catherine Booker : Product Strategist
Sean Nichols

“Ridiculously creative” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Matt.

- Sean Nichols : Managing Director
Philip Blood

I was always impressed with Matt's intelligence and ability to take on any task given. He is one of those people you can trust to get it done.

- Philip Blood : Video Game Producer
...talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything.-Patrick Süskind
BrewDog AR Pitch
Fordings Innovate Fordings Innovate
Experience  |  20.05.13
BrewDog AR Pitch

Augmented Reality and Holograms in beer

Fordings Innovate Fordings Innovate
Experience  |  20.04.20

Rethinking how conventions are held.

ADC Tactical Stethoscopes
Strategic Partners Strategic Partners
video  |  20.03.03
ADC Tactical Stethoscopes

Corporate video editing for an SPI partner.

Hello Kitty
Strategic Partners Strategic Partners
video  |  20.01.05
Hello Kitty

Video content for sales, social media, and Hello Kitty!

That Nurse Look
Strategic Partners Strategic Partners
video  |  20.01.03
That Nurse Look

Social media videos focused on nurses

Infinity Scrubs
Strategic Partners Strategic Partners
video  |  19.12.20
Infinity Scrubs

Video content for sales and social media.

Certainty SmartBoost
smartboost smartboost
video  |  19.11.13
Certainty SmartBoost

Promotional content for a laundy additive.

Scrubs Magazine
Strategic Partners Strategic Partners
video  |  19.11.10
Scrubs Magazine

Breast Implant Illness Documentary

Meet an artisanal craftsman of the bleeding edge

Product Strategy and Innovation Specialist

Resumé About Me
There is thunder in your heart, And you know they're going under, You can light the dark when they hear your heart of thunder.-Stan Bush