Spark AR

Thai Mask

It all started when I needed a quick and dirty way to prototype an AR project for BrewDog. Spark has a ton of demo projects ready, and right from the start, I could plug-n-play my idea.

This was my 3rd AR in Spark. I wanted to do something a little more complex, and I had the idea of a "Tiger Mask" stuck in my head for some reason. I did a little poking around to get some ideas on design and began building out the components in Modo.

There were SEVERAL problems between Modo and Spark, and I saved out multiple versions of OBJ and FBX until the textures worked. I have no idea what causes the errors, basically, if the textures came in garbled, I would save the model again as a different version and re-import `till it worked. The head took 6 tries, the crown took 3, everything else worked first time in.


My second mask was kinda based on old diver's helmets ideas. I liked the space-age retro look. Working with transparency in Spark AR is less than optimal, and reminds me of the early days of DirectX. I got the look where I wanted it, and my friends call it 'condom head' so that project ended early.

Sven the Clown

The first Spark AR project was based on Eddie Pepitone's 'Sven the Clown' character. I wanted to do something easy, and I thought face-paint and 3D would do the trick. I later came back and added a 'honk' for when the nose was touched, and tears when the eyes closed. Pretty happy with this one.