Pill Popper

The Game

I was sick for about 4 days, and I built the game during the worst 2 days. I have no idea what to do with it. The Apple App store is so over-saturated with content that I don't know how anyone would find it.

The game is pretty simple: you launch pills from the top of the screen and bounce them off of the germs that rise up from the bottom. There are also some power-ups - pills that give you triple-shot and larger pills that do more damage.

Learning New Stuff

I've been learning Unity and C# in my spare time. I'm in love with the Unity 2D game features, and eventually, want to use it for building mock-ups of non-game related content. I have said for years that game engines should be used for more than games, and Unity & Unreal might be the gateway-drugs that brings us there.