Model Shots

Quick test using the PIFuHD system

This is the intended use, grabing a full body model shot that you want to bring into 3D and animate.

Yeah, so... how's my butt look?

PIFuHD is the brain child of Shunsuke Saito. Following his insructions and trying out some different images. The one thing you will see is how dense the mesh is. The next thing is how hard it is to really get the image to line back up with the model... it's not great. But Shunsuke has been working on this for less than a year (by the posting of this) and his work is already increadible. I've already see some apps built off this techonogy that turn your static 2D images into 2.5D photos that move while you turn your phone.

Eddie Pepitone in 3D

Here is one from a quick Google search for 'Eddie Pepitone Full Body' and I pushed it through. Notice the incredible care taken on the wrinkles of the clothes (once you get past the fright-show of the textures.)


The wonderful world of 3D.

You may need to press {ESC} if you lose your mouse. Use W A S D to move, or if you are on your phone...

Photo to 3D mesh in Blender

The process itself is pretty simple, and Shunsuke gives clear directions. It doesn't always work. It't best when head, hands, elbows, knees, and feet are clear and away from the body.