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Breast Implant Illness Documentary


I was brought into Strategic Partners to help them create a niche multi-channel network (MCN). One of the first projects I wanted to get off the ground was a documentary series. Previously, they did a short documentary on the Paradise Fire in California, and it received a lot of attention. I wanted to push awareness of stories that were not getting much attention, as in RelaDyne's nuclear accident from the 1960s that still gives California children leukemia today and Los Angeles's mumps epidemic in the correctional facilities.

Breast Implant Illness [BII] was discovered through a series of coincidences with a friend of one of SPI's influencers.

The dangers of implants

We were fortunate to meet, and film, Dr.Khan--possibly the world's foremost authority on BII and advocate for the awareness of this debilitating illness. We were able to record testimony from former patients through Dr.Khan's office and social media.