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Into the Cryptoyverse

Originial Digital Toys

Digital Toys?!

We outgrew NFTs so long ago.

With Cryptoys, we are focused on bringing fun, casual gaming, and collecting experiences to the blockchain, in a cost-effective manner so that everyone can participate. In a world where NFTs were launching at well over $2000 each, our first Crpytoys were priced at $39.99. When I joined there were less then 50 employees, each one dedicated to pouring their best work into this project. Other NFTs were started by one or two guys paying off shore artists to grind out mediocre art--OnChain is full of VFX, Motion Picture, Television, Game, and Toy Design veterans. The level of ability, understanding, and expertise that this company brought out of the gate is unapparelled.

Digital Toy Platform Cryptoys Raises $23M

Markets Insider

Cryptoys banks a16z funding to build NFTs for kids.

Tech Crunch

OnChain Studios and Mattel ink global, multi-year partnership.

Refresh Miami

NFTs for kids?

Maiam Herald

Web3 Huckster