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A 360 concert

Ella Vos

The Bardot is a unique music venue. It's back stage is actually a much larger venue, and it has several small alcoves where I'm positive a black light should never visit. It is an exact metaphor for Los Angeles, and I love it. Thanks again to Dr. Manuel Briand for setting us up with Bardot, SoFar Sound, and Qualcomm.

Google JUMP Camera

Google JUMP Camera

I have mixed opinions on using GoPro cameras for anything, but I'm not going to turn down the opportunity to use new equipment. The Google VR and YouTube teams went out of their way to help us with the equipment. The camera was straightforward and easy to use. The JUMP uploading system is magnificent. I'm a big fan of cloud rendering, for sure. All that being said this version of the camera is a nightmare: it's heavy, loves to overheat, it will eat your fingernails, and GoPros hate life.

Day v. Night
Day v. Night

Day v. Night

On arrival, I spoke with the manager. We went over lighting, acoustics, crowd size, setup, and where my team and Qualcomm's team could stand. Once the bands started performing, everything changed:

  • All of the stage lights were red. So after the sunset, what we got a "cave on fire" look
  • The crowds were so packed so tightly that the doors couldn't open to allow us access to the equipment. The Jump camera on one side of the door, and the computer with the SD card readers on the other, separated by 3 feet give or take infinity
  • People kept placing other camera equipment or gear between the camera and the stage
    "Who's gear is this?"
    "It's the owners, it can't be moved."
    "Where is the owner?"
    "They went home."

If you like ears...

If you like ears...

Because the concerts were standing room only, we wanted to get as much crowd as we could. The down side was that we would get shots like above. Which, when you think about it is still pretty entertaining. Imagine watching this in a headset, and turning to see the cute girl next to you is 90% ears.

Matt Maeson

Because we have it, here is another concert from that night.